Auxiliary equipments

Auxiliary equipments

Industrial vacuum cleaner (hydroseparator) for collecting powder residues


Boxing glove with an inert medium for powder transfer


Sample Preparation Equipment


3D scanners - optical measurement tools


Powder Screening


Sandblasting plant


Machining center for post-processing products after 3D printing


Vacuum oven


Erosion Cutting Machine


Industrial vacuum cleaner

Industrial vacuum cleaner is a device applied to remove unused material (additive powder) from the build chamber after the manufacturing process is completed.

This equipment is essential to the joint exploitation with 3D-printers using powder materials due to the following reasons:

  • - Cleaning the build chamber, bringing it to the proper condition;
  • - Removal of the active material prior to the opening of the build chamber;
  • - Ensuring fire and explosion safety, since the active material powder of some metals may cause fire or explosion in contact with air.


Glovebox – a box with protective gloves arranged therein, which allows to operate in the build chamber without the loss of impermeability of the build chamber after manufacturing. These gloves are necessary to manually remove the powder that was not absorbed by the industrial vacuum cleaner, thus completing the cleaning procedure before the opening the build chamber.

Advantages: Absolute safety.

Sample preparation equipment

Sample preparation equipmentis aimed at preparing samples to convert them into a suitable form for subsequent analysis.

It includes:

  • - Cutting machine to prepare samples for metallography;
  • - Hydraulic machine for pressing metallographic samples in thermosetting resins;
  • - Grinding and polishing machine (bench type) - for grinding and polishing metallographic samples;
  • - It is possible to include an optical microscope.


Technological measurement and parts’ inspection complex, allows you to digitize an object and get its three-dimensional polygonal model by non-contact optical measurement systems and digitization (3D-scanners). At the same time following tasks are carried out: digitizing and measurement, quality control of parts’ manufacturing, tooling control, reverse engineering, arising from the pre-production and in the process of product release.

Contactless optical measurement complex is applied at all stages of the technological process - from design and development to production and exploitation.


  • • Variability (optical and laser scanners);
  • • High accuracy in product scanning;
  • • Applicability in reverse engineering;
  • • Work with a sample product of the client;
  • • Accurate quality control and geometry of the finished product.

Powder screening machines

Powder screening machines are used for sieving and separation of fine additive powders from 20 to 100 microns into fractions of different size by means of the product passing through a sieve with additional sonication at sieve cloth in a protective inert gas atmosphere, protecting treated particles from contact with the industrial plant atmosphere. Benefits:

  • - It removes large fraction from the additive powder that can harm the uniform melting of the material;
  • - Additional purification from the possible satellites in additive powder;
  • - Convenient powder feeding into the build chamber.

Sandblasting chamber

Sandblasting chamber is used to remove the grains of powder from the surface of items and also to improve a surface of a current item, for instance, smoothing roughness and surface matting.


  • - Additional cleaning and initial processing of items
  • - Cheap and fast

Machining center

Machining center– a set of post-processing equipment, which includes, e.g., refrigerators (cooling) sandblasting, thermal, electrochemical and milling machines.

Advantages of the machining center:

  • - The closeness to and efficiency of usage of the required equipment for post processing of items selected according to the technical specification given by a customer or at the discretion of ATC (Additive Technologies Centre) staff depending on the material and geometry of items;
  • - Timeliness and speed of decision making, thereby processing of products accelerates;
  • - Convenience for ATC employees.

Vacuum oven

Vacuum furnace is intended for heat treatment in vacuum or protective gas of workpieces and parts made from titanium, steel, aluminum at temperatures up to 1300 C. For the treatment of articles made from powders on the “Fe” basis it is possible to use vacuum furnaces with controlled inert environment.


  • - One of the best ways of thermal post-processing;
  • - High quality of product surface.

Erosion cutting machine

Erosion cutting machine.It is used to separate the products from the working platform.


  • - It allows you to handle external and internal non-linear outlines of parts in the finished size;
  • - It allows you to process converging and expanding conical surfaces, inclined and rectilinear and wave surfaces.