The first Russian 2-powder 2-laser 3D-printer is put in trial operation in Rosatom

The first Russian 2-powder 2-laser 3D-printer, created by Rosatom specialists, is put into trial operation at the site of NPO “Centrotech” (an enterprise of the Rosatom Fuel Company TVEL in Novouralsk, Sverdlovsk Region). This is the result of the joint work of NPO “Centrotech”, Ural Electrochemical Plant and RPA “CNIITMASH”, as well as several other enterprises and research institutes of Rosatom, the efforts of which are consolidated by the industry integrator – Rusatom – Additive Technologies (RusAT).

Compared to 1-laser, the performance of a 2-laser printer is increased by 60%. Printing one product takes less time, and due to the possibility of using two lasers simultaneously, the installation allows to use one of them for various technological methods that will improve the characteristics of materials.

The fundamental difference between the development and the existing printers on the market is that it is polypowder. A unique powder regeneration system will allow in parallel with the printing process to separate two types of powders that differ in fractional composition, returning the regenerated powder back to the printing unit. This significantly reduces the consumption of powders and, as a result, the cost of products.

Currently, RusAT has sent more than twenty applications for the manufacture of products using laser fusion technology to the NPO “Centrotech”. In particular, printing standard samples from nickel alloy. Technology for printing the flange of an electrochemical generator is being developed.

In addition, RusAT has ordered the assembly of 3D-printers at NPO “Centrotech”. The first machines are planned to be delivered in Moscow, at the Additive Technologies Center of the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom, before the end of 2019.