History of the company


In the autumn of 2014, the State Corporation "Rosatom" won the grant of the Ministry of Education and began to develop the domestic one laser 3D-printer printing metal products by selective laser melting (SLM) technology while forming a pool of intra-company with strong competence in related areas: research and development, software development, manufacturing of supplies - it VNIIEF VNIITF, "Start", VNIINM and others.


В марте 2015 начата разработка металлического 3D-принтера. Определены продуктовые направления развития аддитивных технологий.
Стратегический совет Росатома утвердил аддитивные технологии как один из приоритетов развития и научно-технической деятельности в неэнергетической сфере.
Утверждена продуктовая стратегия «Создание производства автоматизированных комплексов послойного синтеза сложнопрофильных металлических деталей из полипорошковых композиций».
Произведена опытная установка по аддитивной печати MeltMaster 3D 550 на территории НПО «ЦНИИТМАШ».


A technical committee number 182 "Additive Technologies" was established, where JSC "Science and Innovation" is the co-chair.
In the Sverdlovsk region there was established a research and production consortium "Additive technologies." It consists of TVEL, Ural Electrochemical Integrated Plant, JSC "Science and Innovation", the corporation "VSMPO-AVISMA", Rostech, All-Russian Institute of Light Alloys, Ural Federal University, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences and other organizations.
A project of building a pilot plant for production of metal alloy powders by gas atomization was initiated.
The first 10 projects of national standards for additive technology were adopted. A project to create additive manufacturing medical implants was initiated.


The project of creating a digital manufacturing of precision products for the medical industry on the basis of additive technologies was designed.
A pilot double powder and double laser systems metal 3D-printer was constructed by Ural Electrochemical Plant (UEIP) and JSC "NPO" TSNIITMASH ".
State Corporation "Rosatom" choose "additive technology" as the strategic direction for the development of intra-enterprise and the internal Russian market.


Организовано производство модельного ряда 3D-принтеров и выполнены работы для предприятий ГК «Росатом» на сумму более 190 млн.руб.
Печать опытных партий деталей для РФЯЦ ВНИИЭФ и ОКБМ Африкантова.


Mass production of 3D-printers RusMelt 300M and RusMelt 600M was organized.
Currently, five printers for the businesses of the State Corporation "Rosatom", and a one printer in the framework of commercial contracts were produced.
A compact gasifier-sample with increased power was designed by additive technologies’ means.

Activity of the company

LLC "Rusatom - Additive Technology" is a fundamentally new and rapidly developing industry integrator, uniting scientific and industrial enterprises of the State Corporation "Rosatom" in the development of domestic additive technologies. Methods of additive technologies make it possible to produce complex structures and arrangements of parts, based on the use of bionic design, which allows to obtain parts and holistic products that have unique physical, mechanical and geometric properties. Today, additive technologies are used in the most complex and high-tech industries: nuclear industry, aerospace industry, medicine, automotive and many others. The use of additive technology solves the problem of cost reduction, reduction of products’ manufacturing terms and provision of high life personalization details.



  • production 3D printers’ line
  • Production of equipment units
  • Manufacturing parts
  • Creation of control systems of technical processes and finished products materials


  • Production line for printing special metal powders
  • Production and supply line for printing wire
  • Production and supply of materials for printing polymers, composites and ceramics engineering
Top Left Top Right

Comprehensive product offering Integrator

Bottom Left Bottom Right


  • 3D-printing service products for B2B and B2C
  • prototyping products
  • Service and warranty service
  • Small-scale additive manufacturing

Digital platform

  • Integrated Software "Virtual Printer"
  • 1 attempt 3D printing products
  • Digital distribution platform Order
  • mold design and formation properties of the products with the topological optimization based on domestic product "Logos"